Flavorful Hot Wings

  • Place wings into a bowl or container with lid (a zip-lock freezer bag makes things even easier).
  • Shake vigorously, then pour a generous amount of Bistro Blends Hot Bistro Oil over chicken (make sure to get the oil AND balsamic out!), turning and coating chicken until a small amount (1/4 cup) of oil is extra for the chicken to “sit/marinade” in. If using a freezer bag: seal it, and “massage” away for best results.
  • Once complete, place in refrigerator overnight, turning again first thing in the morning (add more Bistro Blends Hot Oil if desired).
  • Place your wings on a pan, lightly drizzle excess Bistro Blends Hot Bistro Oil over chicken (not so much that it “sits” in the oil while baking though).
  • Bake at 350°, for 30-45 minutes, turning chicken at halfway point for an even cook. If you would like a crispier skin, turn your oven up to 400-425° F towards the end of cooking time. Be careful to watch the chicken so that it doesn’t burn!
  • Serve with a side of ranch and enjoy!