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Thank you for your inquiry about how to become a Bistro Blends Independent Contractor/Distributor.

Currently, with active distribution in 22 states, and certain regions in Canada, not to mention continuing interest in additional foreign markets, Bistro Blends finds itself at a crossroads, whereby, it continuously cannot keep up with consumer demand for its vast array of remarkable products.

Although currently seeking Independent Contractors/Distributors in all US states, Canada, Australia and Europe, there is a special interest in focusing our efforts toward the Midwest and East Coast regions of America. These specific areas present numerous untapped possibilities.

At present we do not require any fee to become an Independent Contractor/Distributor.  With minimal start-up costs and an initial working capital requirement at approximately $15,000, Bistro Blends believes this offers a unique opportunity to anyone who is willing to work hard in an effort to establish a certain territory.


  • Online Advertising and Marketing Support
  • Trade Booth Advertising and Marketing Support
  • Providing information that helps identify potential marketplaces
  • Guidelines on how to locally and legally establish your business
  • Proper printed and visual training guides to assist you in setting up a successful on location trade booth

In an effort to uphold the commitment to the Bistro Blends Brand, we seek only individuals of the serious minded. Bistro Blends foresees opportunities, whereby any Independent Contractor/Distributor who chooses to do so, can find success from their own efforts, in a way that they can easily pass it on to their family members and loved ones.

Once you decide that becoming a Bistro Blends Independent Contractor/Distributor could be a choice for you, please take another moment to fill out the application below, in turn, a Representative of Bistro Blends will follow up with you to take you to the next level. We can also be reached via phone at 1 (888) 702-4323 or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We also encourage you to take a moment and enjoy a number of Bistro Blends Event Videos, showing other Bistro Blends Independent Contractors/Distributors in action. Or even peruse the list of other Bistro Blends Independent Contractors/Distributors for those that might be in your area; then stop by to see what all the fun is all about!!