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Dijon Ale Mustard
This amazing combination of Dijon mustard and Ale intensifies the test buds to a new height. Excellent for grilling meats & vegetables, simply use as a salad mix, use on pasta salads or potato salads, use also to flavor boiled meats and vegetable. ...
Price:  $12.00
Dijon Honey Truffle Mustard
This delicious Dijon Honey Truffle Mustard is ideal for sandwiches, grilled meats & vegetables, potato salads, salad dressings, ...
Price:  $12.00
Dijon Wasabi Horseradish
This delicious Dijon Wasabi horseradish mustard brings out the most amazing flavors in meats & vegetables. Perfect for grilling fowl, seafood & pork. Makes for a perfect addition to pasta salads, potato salads or simply a vegetable dip. ...
Price:  $12.00
Mix Three Gourmet Mustards
This 3-Pack Gourmet Mustard Sampler allows you to choose from our Dijon Ale Mustard, our Dijon Honey Truffle Mustard, or our Dijon Wasabi Horseradish. ...
Price:  $28.00

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New Gift Package!

3oz Gift Package (Quantity 6)
Choose any 6 from our famous Balsamic Vinegars and the 2 oils offered in this 3oz gift package. A perfect gift for someone special or to take with you to that foodie party.
Price: $60.00